Most repeated computer mcqs in Pakistan jobs test

The most repeated computer MCQs in Pakistani job test 

Most repeated computer mcqs in Pakistan jobs test
Most repeated computer mcqs in Pakistan jobs test

The most repeated computer MCQs in Pakistani jobs test services can vary depending on the specific test and government job type. However, some topics and concepts tend to appear frequently across different exams. Here's a general overview of commonly tested areas:

Computer Fundamentals:

  • Hardware components and their functions (CPU, RAM, ROM, etc.)
  • Storage types (primary, secondary) and terminology (bit, byte, KB, MB, GB, etc.)
  • Operating system basics (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • Input/output devices and their functions
  • Basic networking concepts (IP address, TCP/IP, DNS, etc.)
  • Internet and its applications
  • Computer security and common threats

Software and Programming:

  • Basic programming concepts (variables, data types, operators, control flow)
  • Common programming languages (Java, Python, C++, etc.) 
  • Word processing and spreadsheet software (Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc.)
  • Presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.)

Database management systems (DBMS) concepts

Other Frequently Tested Topics:

  • Computer viruses and malware
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Computer troubleshooting tips
  • Ethical considerations in IT

Latest trends in technology (e.g., cloud computing, AI, blockchain)

Here are some resources that might be helpful for finding specific MCQs:

Job test preparation websites and YouTube channels: Many websites and channels offer practice MCQs for Pakistani job tests. Some popular ones include JEST Most Important Computer MCQs, Top 100 Most Repeated Computer Mcqs, Top 30 Computer MCQs | STS Test Preparation 2023 | IBA Computer Test.

100 Most Repeated Computer MCQs

Past test papers: If you can find past papers for the specific job test you're taking, they can be a valuable resource for identifying frequently tested topics.

Textbooks and study guides: Several textbooks and study guides cover computer basics and are geared towards Pakistani job tests. 

SPSC - PPSC Computer Past Papers Most Repeated MCQs

Most Repeated Computer MCQs in Pakistan Jobs Test Services with Keyword Placement:

General IT Knowledge:

  • Full form of RAM, ROM, CPU, HDD, SSD. (Keywords: Hardware, Memory, Storage)
  • Difference between software and hardware. (Keywords: Components, Functionality)
  • Functions of operating system. (Keywords: Management, Interface, Resources)
  • Popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS). Most Repeated MCQs of Computer (Keywords: Versions, Features)
  • Basic networking concepts (LAN, WAN, Internet). (Keywords: Connectivity, Protocols, Security) 
  • Common internet browsers and their features. (Keywords: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Security)
  • Microsoft Office applications and their uses (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). (Keywords: Productivity, Documents, Presentations) Computer Mcqs 
  • Computer security threats (viruses, malware, phishing). (Keywords: Protection, Awareness, Best Practices) 
  • Keyboard shortcuts and basic computer troubleshooting. (Keywords: Navigation, Efficiency, Problem-solving)

Specific Test Services:

  • STS (Sukkur Testing Service): Focus on MCQs related to computer fundamentals, internet and applications, MS Office, and basic programming concepts. (Keywords: STS, IBA, Matriculation)
  • NTS (National Testing Service): Covers a broader range, including hardware, software, networks, operating systems, databases, and IT security. (Keywords: NTS, PPSC, ETEA)
  • FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission): Emphasizes computer knowledge relevant to government jobs, such as e-governance, data security, and information technology management. (Keywords: FPSC, CSS, Government)

Keyword Placement Tips:

  • Include keywords in both the question and answer options for clarity and ease of recognition Computer Operator Test MCQs for ATS, NTS, ETEA, CTS .
  • Avoid using generic keywords like "computer" or "technology."
  • Use specific terms and abbreviations relevant to the context of the test service.
  • Ensure the keywords are grammatically correct and fit naturally within the sentence structure.

Additional Resources:

  • Online test preparation platforms like PPSC MCQs, NTS Online Test, and STS Learning
  • YouTube channels dedicated to specific test services and computer MCQs
  • Past papers and study guides from previous exams

By incorporating these tips and focusing on the frequently tested areas, you can significantly increase your chances of success in computer MCQs for Pakistani jobs test services.


  • Regular practice and revision are key to mastering any MCQs format.
  • Understand the concepts behind the questions, not just memorize answers.
  • Time management is crucial during exams, so practice answering questions quickly and accurately. Computer Science Repeated MCQS of PPSC & FPSC

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