The growing and developing Child

 The growing and developing Child

The growing and developing Child

First of all What is child growth and child development?

  • Child development refers to the changes that happen as child grows and develop beginning at conception to age 11 years old.
  • Growth refers to change in the human body, which can be measured like physical changes of height and weight. For example, the weight of most healthy 12 months old babies is triple their birth weight, the length of most healthy 12 months old babies is about one and a half time as longs as when they were born.

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  • Development referrers to changes, which are more complex and harder to measure. Development involves an increase in abilities and skills acquired over a series of smaller steps like talking, walking , expressing felling relating with other people.

WHO child growth stages
who child growth stages
Following WHO Child Growth Standards  

Stages of child development


Prenatal stage (conception of birth)

  • Rapid physical and mental development of child.
  • All body organs and senses found
  • 3rd trimester; child become aware of outside world

  • Able to hear mothers voice and sound in the environment.

Infants birth to 18th months old)

  • Can lift hear which stomach
  • Like to look at faces and bright colours
  • Recognize and become familiar with parents, show attachment
  • Explore hands and feet
  • Smile , laugh and imitate sounds
  • Understand her/his name and frequently heard words
  • Crawl, try to stand up

  • Anxious in the absence of mother or primary caregiver

Toddlers (18 to 36 months old

  • Walk, climb and run
  • Explore object and can solve simple problems
  • Like scribble and read books lovers stories
  • Rapid language development; understand words and ideas, start to say word
  • Make friends
  • Enjoy imaginative and socio-dramatic paly
  • Start to feed self with a spoon
  • Experience a range of felling, require support to manage emotions

Pre- schoolers (36 – 60 months0

  • Climb well, jump, hop, skip
  • Sort object by shape and colour in rite
  • Can do simple 3 – 4 pieces puzzles of game
  • Count 10 (ten) or more objects easily
  • Speak in multi word sentences, also ask questions
  • Reading and writing skills are more enhanced, i.e. can write his / her names, also can understand and speak in complex sentences as well in good way
  • Start to share things with others and take turns
  • Like to play games with friends, get along with people outside the family
  • Can get dress by her / him self
  • Longer attention span
  • Remember things and events
  • Understand and follow rules of games
  • Understand concept of time, i.e. morning , afternoon and Night.

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